TrailerFest 2018

Today I decided that my 2-3 (I honestly don’t know) YouTube accounts needed tidying up, so I started a fresh new channel (because that simplifies things, right?) using the email account. As you may have guessed, I love doing my own book trailers. It’s so much fun! The channel is here (don’t click on that;Continue reading “TrailerFest 2018”


Yes, books have trailers now. Yes—as is utterly obvious even on first viewing—I make my own trailers. It would actually be cheaper for me to hire someone else to do it. You can get a professional-looking trailer for around $5 if you know where to look. This trailer cost considerably more than that (I paidContinue reading “THE MONSTER APPRENTICE Book Trailer”

Horrible things that didn’t happen

Here are some of the common pregnancy side effects that I managed not to have: -very painful feet and ankles -massive weight gain -varicose veins -huge numbers of moles (the skin kind, not the rodent) -gestational diabetes -dental problems or other bone issues due to calcium going out of mum into the baby -high bloodContinue reading “Horrible things that didn’t happen”

Plot Device Film, and Ten Untranslatable Words

Here is a movie and an article that are sashaying around the writerly blogosphere at the moment. Yes, it’s a long film for youtube. But it’s way shorter than a movie, and just as good. Say hi to the zombies for me.   And this is an article by someone who has picked ten words thatContinue reading “Plot Device Film, and Ten Untranslatable Words”

Octopus in an expected place?

When CJ and I pootled about Merimbula’s beaches earlier this year (when it was, you know, warm), we met this guy: It’s the first time I’ve seen an octopus in its natural environment, and we were both over the moon.   Not to be confused with Octopus in an unexpected place, one of my all-timeContinue reading “Octopus in an expected place?”

An Australian, an American and a British girl walk into a Chinese recording studio. . .

This video was recorded by a British girl and features an Australian man and an American woman recording a dialogue intended to assist Chinese students learning English. It singlehandedly explains all the Chinglish you’ve ever seen. As you watch, keep in mind that they were not allowed to alter the script in any way. EnjoyContinue reading “An Australian, an American and a British girl walk into a Chinese recording studio. . .”

#308: Skyfire

Skyfire means two things: 1. Fireworks set to music. 2. Canberra’s annual rush hour – with drunkenness and Canberrans (unnaccustomed to serious traffic) in the mix. Oh, and jet fighters. People gather all around Lake Burley Griffin for hours before any kind of show begins. Around six o’clock, stuff starts happening. Jet fighters, helicopters, JessicaContinue reading “#308: Skyfire”

#221: Diet Coke and Mentos Rocket (PG for naughty language)

1.25L Diet Coke: $1.40 Mint Mentos: $1.70 Friends: $2 each (ie 1 chocolate bar) Accidentally making a deadly rocket out of harmless party food: Priceless To this day, I don’t know exactly what happened. Here’s a shorter version of the rocket part: We ran inside, babbling and near-hysterical – terrified our cameras had missed the whole thing. OutContinue reading “#221: Diet Coke and Mentos Rocket (PG for naughty language)”