Shooting Through: the escape room that comes to you

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If I receive your booking directly through this store, I will email you to confirm date, time, and location.

1 hour

2-6 players

Age 10+

Current price list:

$25 per person, with the following minimums:

$50 if playing at a festival, fair, or conference eg IronFest or TeslaFest.

$100 minimum if it’s on location in Macgregor, Canberra.

$200 minimum elsewhere in Canberra (or by appointment when I’m at a nearby conference/fair/festival).

If you'd like to run the escape room in your home, I require a room that can be darkened, free of trip hazards and fragile items, with a table, and a nearby chair (for me).

$500 minimum Party Pack, in which I run 2-4 rooms simultaneously, featuring both stories (ie "Madam Alchemist" and "The Incredible Shrinking Room") and running two sessions, so people can play both games!

Conference Pack: This is based on the party pack but designed for conferences and fairs.

NB: In all cases, I will bring samples of my other products (books etc) for those who are left wanting more.

How long does it take:

Theoretically 1 hour, but often closer to 2. Allow 2-2.5 hours (including set up and pack down), and advise me if anyone in your team has specific time restrictions.

I also need to know about major food (or cat) allergies, and medical conditions that may affect play (eg dyslexic people may have trouble entering codes into padlocks) so that I can alter the game for you.

"Madam Alchemist" IS playable for wheelchair users as it can be played from a tabletop. It is also G-rated and suitable for most ages (depending on the level of in-game supervision by parents/teachers). I also have maths-heavy versions that can be tailored specifically to your maths class (and unit).

Physical restrictions:

"Madam Alchemist" is great for wheelchair users (because you can play sitting at a table—although your team members will need to cooperate to pass things close enough for you to examine).

I think most physical or mental restrictions can be balanced by having a range of ability in the group (in much the same way that there’s bound to be ONE person who can add a string of numbers without screwing them up… right?)

There are no physical challenges.

There is further information on age, ability, and allergic reactions here, or you can discuss them with me directly.

Is it scary?

You will be operating under a threat of (fictional…) monsters, competing against a clock, in near darkness. So the level of scariness depends on your imagination. "Madam Alchemist" is definitely rated G, and safe for kids of virtually any age BUT escape rooms are intrinsically frustrating and some items are fragile or sharp. Use your discretion. Kids 10+ should be genuinely useful in places; other kids are permitted IF they’re very well behaved and calm (and careful with fragile objects).

"The Incredible Shrinking Room" has horror elements. If finding tiny corpses in the dark while being threatened with death by crushing sounds like fun, this is the game for you. Available for bookings from April onwards.


The year is 1835, and all of Europe is buzzing with excitement about the recent discovery of magically activated metals. As you're travelling through the forests of France, you are set upon by a group of strangers with supernatural strength. . . and they want to eat your souls!

One of them captures you and chains you to a tree, laughing all the while. You manage to escape the tree, but you can still hear them laughing—and two of you are still chained together.

You stumble into an isolated cabin only to find an alchemist's secret laboratory. The soulless are beating at the doors and windows, and sooner or later they're going to get in. . . but could there be some new magic hidden here? Is there still a chance you might survive with your souls intact?


Bloody superheroes.

You're walking back from the bus station when the sky explodes in spandex, catchphrases, and super weapons. All around you houses are shrunk or exploded, people are made tiny and/or transmogrified, and even your cat is suddenly two centimetres tall—and she is pissed.

Fleeing in terror, you race into the nearest house only to be trapped inside as it shrinks around you.

But all is not lost. Looking around the shrinking house, it becomes clear that your cranky neighbour is a secret genius, and if you can find her Embiggening Ray before you're smashed to bits then perhaps you can escape being crushed to death.

Keep a cool head and prove that size doesn't matter. . . or die trying.

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