Madam Alchemist

Madam Alchemist

Available in Canberra (portable or on site)

Steampunk Fantasy

2-6 players

1 hour gameplay

Good for beginners

The Incredible Shrinking Room

Canberra (not currently running as of mid-2022)

Science Fiction/Comedy Horror

2-6 players

1 hour gameplay

Contact: Carol, Chief Minion and Transportation Specialist

0404 188 138

Or: Felicity, Manager & Mad Scientist

0402 548 978

Book Your Escape

We’re juuust clanking back into life post-lockdown. The simplest booking method is to SMS Carol and ask if she’s free at the time you would like to play.

Please note: The $100 price is only for escape room experiences booked on location in Macgregor (very near Kippax MacDonald’s).

Other locations cost $150.

You will need to pay the balance on the day before beginning your game.

What is an escape room (including video of some of my victims)?

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility Advice.