Madam Alchemist

Madam Alchemist

Available in Canberra (fully portable) or Sydney (Caringbah only)

Steampunk Fantasy

2-6 players

1 hour gameplay

Good for beginners

The Incredible Shrinking Room

Canberra (Macgregor only)

Science Fiction/Comedy Horror

2-6 players

1 hour gameplay

Felicity Banks, Manager & Canberra coordinator

0402 548 978

Nerissa Dowling, Sydney coordinator

0420 887 886

Book Your Escape

All bookings will be confirmed (or not) within 48 hours.

Please note: The $100 price is only for escape room experiences booked at our private rooms in Caringbah (Sydney) or Macgregor (Canberra; outside).

Other locations cost $150 (Canberra North Side) or $200 (Canberra South Side).

You will need to pay the balance on the day.

Bookings at The Pancake Parlour Canberra can be made on Mondays or Tuesdays. They cost $150.