Heest Trilogy 2: The Princess and the Pirate

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The king is dead. The queen clings to power. Princess Ana is a prisoner in the glass castle, desperate to join the world outside.

The only person who might be able to restore the queen's sanity is Ana's grandmother, Sol - who just happens to be a murderous pirate. Ana's beloved Auntie Livina hatches a plan to send Ana to seek out Sol. Ana is thrilled for her newfound freedom, but terrified about meeting her grandmother. What if she's beyond reform? What if she tries to kill Ana?

This journey will take Princess Ana to the frozen edges of the world, where mysterious monsters await. . .

ISBN: 978-1925652680

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Heest Trilogy 3: Waking Dead Mountain will be available February 2020. It is already written, and is being illustrated at the time of writing (mid 2019).

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