Magic in the Mail: Emmeline's Empire

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This is a steampunk fantasy tale set in the same world of magical metals as all my other steampunk, including my novels (in fact it takes place at the same time as part of Iron Lightsand the game Attack of the Clockwork Army).

A Perfectly Ordinary (she says) shop-keeper named Xiong joins a fledgling rebellion headed up by the famous Emmeline Muchamore. It's a tale of secrets, hope, aeronauts, lighthouses, first love, and fruit ices for all.

In order to keep costs down, this story is posted as a single parcel.

This product is not available in digital form.

Iron Lights includes a stripped-down version of the bonus story Magic in the Mail: Emmeline's Empire.

The stripped-down version of the tale includes black and white art by Michelle "Seashell" Bedford and Shauna O'Meara but the full-colour art, song, and objects are available only through purchases of the full story (via this store).

When I get sick of the considerable labour of putting these stories together, this story will no longer be available in its full version.

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