Flashmob Launch

Always wanted to be part of a flashmob? Or a pirate crew?

To help “launch” the twitter novel on Saturday 1 August, dress in your most piratical gear and relax calmly in/around Tilleys Devine Cafe (Lyneham shops, Canberra, Australia) or browse in/near the excellent secondhand bookshop next door.

Arrive/don pirate gear at 2pm (park at the nearby schools if necessary), and vanish or change into an ordinary citizen at 2:30pm.

Bonus points for speaking as a pirate.

Yes, there will be candy and free flash (under 1000 words) stories. I and my minions will be randomly handing them out to any pirates we see/hear.

Extra candy for children. Because pirates care.

One Canberran who is prepped and ready to go.
One Canberran who is prepped and ready to go.

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I write books (mainly adventure fantasy for kids and young adults), real-time twittertales, and a blog of Daily Awesomeness. @Louise_Curtis_ and http://twittertales.wordpress.com. My fantasy ebook is on sale at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/278981.

2 thoughts on “Flashmob Launch

  1. Ben just wrote on my other blog:

    So how is this going to work?Are you going to post it one sentence at a time? Will every sentence end with a cliffhanger to ensure return visits?

    Day 1:’It was a calm, bright day – UNTIL THE EXPLOSION TORE OPEN HEAVEN AND EARTH!!!’

    Day 2:’But, before that, a small child stood in a marketplace – OF ZOMBIES!!!’ Day 3:'”Zombies aren’t in as much demand since the economic downturn” sighed the careworn shopkeeper, unaware of the rapidly approaching DEATHSQUAD OF TRAINED MONKEY NINJAS!!!’

    Day 4:'”Neither are deathsquads of trained monkey ninjas” added the monkey ninja salesman as he pushed his dilapidated cart up the dusty street, never once realising that, even then, HE WAS BEING WATCHED!!!’…

  2. Cliffhangers will definitely feature. There will also be some real-time elements. No zombies though. . . at least, not that I know of.

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