Twitter for. . . well, for twits

It is waaaaay easier than I expected.

Go to:

and join from there.

You’ll need a name, an email address, and the ability to invent a password and type in a word verification. That’s it!

It will ask you if you want to follow various celebrities, and my little icon should be on the right-hand-side of your screen.

If it’s not, comment here or write me an email at fellissimo @ hotmail. com (no spaces) telling me your user name.

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I write books (mainly adventure fantasy for kids and young adults), real-time twittertales, and a blog of Daily Awesomeness. @Louise_Curtis_ and My fantasy ebook is on sale at

4 thoughts on “Twitter for. . . well, for twits

  1. Oh, and by the way, *Louise*, does it ever bother you that your pseudonym sounds less fake than your actual name…?

    It certainly bothers me.
    (If, indeed, I do know your REAL name…)

  2. Hm.


    Remember at one stage I was going to use ‘Ada Storm’ as a third pen-name?

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