Companion to Day Fourteen: Textnovel

“Worse Things Happen at Sea” is displayed in a nicer format at (search by the story title and you’ll see it). Each “chapter” is one day, and you can actually read it from begining to end (rather than having to read from the bottom up).

You do have to sign up to view it, but you don’t have to post anything yourself (unless you want to). And, as an extra bonus, I’m just 20 votes off being in the top 20 most popular stories in the competition (first prize is $1000, plus probably publication and more money). Click on the thumbs-up icon to vote (don’t worry, you won’t skew results – there are impartial judges for the final stages).

COMING SOON: pictures drawn by the illustrious Mel P! They will be here on the blog, and of course on

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