Companion to Day Twenty-Nine: Landsickness


I saw girls playing on a beach as we drew close. ‘Let’s attack some other island,’ I said hastily. ‘People with kids never have much loot.’


Sol politely traded a silver necklace for anchorage. She ordered our remaining crew to be good – no stealing, no killing – not yet.


I bought new clothes! Ones with no holes! And I bought myself a bright yellow hat, so I look nautical.

If only the ground would stop moving.


When I travelled on the Young Endeavour tall ship, we dropped by Napier as representatives of the Australian Navy (which is hilarious to anyone who’s met me).

One of the weirdest experiences was walking on land again. It was incredibly disorienting after having adjusted to the constant movement of the ship. I swear the grass was bulging in and out under my feet.

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