Companion to Day Thirty-One: World Part 1


‘Why are all the islands here so black?’ Sol grumbled.

Oldy said, ‘When we take over an island, what will we do with it?’

‘Anything I want.’


When I was eighteen, I lived in Indonesia for six months. I spent most of my time in a concreted house where the weather was almost constant. After two months, I knew that if I felt hot it was 31 degrees, and if I felt cold (which only ever happened at night) it was 26 degrees.

If I ever went outdoors, I drank two glasses of water before I left and two glasses of water when I came back – or I’d get a headache. I’d also stumble and feel faint when I was outdoors, because the sun really is like a constant dragging weight.


Here in Canberra it is the last day of Winter. In MY fantasy world, Rahana, there is no Winter – the whole world is tropical. Which means it’s either hot and sunny, or hot and rainy.

Rahana is based on Indonesia, so the people (including Sol, despite my twitter picture of her) are dark-skinned with black hair. There are thousands of islands, many of them unpopulated.

The island with the skeleton was an island that had one bad crop and starved to death due to lack of trade with other islands.

Random fact: Singapore is an island nation that, although incredibly wealthy, doesn’t have enough water to survive. This makes Singapore very tightly bound to Malaysia, where most of their water comes from.

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