Companion to Day Thirty-Nine: Personality Typing


‘We were blown into unfamiliar seas,’ said Sol, ‘so I bet there’s a REALLY rich island nearby.’

‘Sol,’ I said, ‘look – land!’


Sol’s such an optimist. . .

Today I was personality-typing Sol and Ulandin based on the Myers-Briggs system (you can test yourself here: ).

Sol is an ISTJ (almost the exact opposite of myself). This means (among other things), she’s extremely self-reliant, practical and goal-oriented (one reason she was naked yesterday – it was the practical solution to the problem of having only wet clothes on board).

Ulandin is an INFP (as am I – I can’t imagine any other personality type being stupid enough to fall in love with someone as patently psychotic as our Sol). INFPs are imaginative, empathic and idealistic.

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