Companion to Day Fifty-Four: Females at Sea Part 2

‘Kid, what’s your name?’ I asked.


‘Take a message. Tell Oldy to draw Sol away from here – somehow.’

Hin ran straight to Sol.

I fled.


The following story is PROBABLY not true. . . but it isn’t definitely NOT true (historians argue about it, so it must be at least slightly plausible). There are certain eerie similarities between this tale and my own (I discovered Princess Awilda less than a week ago).

In the fifth century, Princess Awilda escaped an arranged marriage to the Prince of Denmark by taking some of her best buddies (all girls), stealing a ship, and heading off into the Baltic Sea.

That’s where the girls ran into some pirates. The fight raged for four days, and at the end Princess Awilda became Captain Awilda – the pirate. The remaining pirates were quite happy with this arrangement, and all went well until the slighted King of Denmark and his rejected son caught up with them. Captain Awilda’s pirates (and all her bestest friends) were defeated.

Which would make it a sad ending – except Awilda was so impressed with her fiance’s mad fighting skills she decided she wanted to marry him. By all accounts they lived happily ever after.

Oh, and she became Queen of Denmark.

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