New story, new blog theme

Do not adjust your screen. This is still the same blog – but a brand new shiny story begins tomorrow (“Daylight” runs from 2 October until 31 December 2009)!

PS what do you think of my new, emo* picture?


*Emos are sorta post-goth. They dress mainly in dark clothes, but often with brilliant red shoes, and they have dark hair and fringes hanging over their eyes. “Emo” stands for “emotional” but somehow never touches on happiness – just miserable (and loud) depression. You may have seen the “Cheer up emo kid” T-shirt.

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One thought on “New story, new blog theme

  1. The new look is great! I love it.

    The emo picture is so cool and you made me laugh with your quips about Twilight. I haven’t read it but you brought it to life in a very real way.


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