Daylight Day 11: School

Ed wore an overcoat and hat to school. Our teachers freaked and put him in detention. I think he bit Mr Joh, the science teacher. Awkward!

Ed and I wandered the mall and saw heaps of decorations. Ed sighed, “Christmas is so deep. It makes me feel all –”


“How’d you know?”


It’s a sad fact that today, students all over Canberra are going back to school. You have my deepest sympathy.

How to tell if your science teacher has turned EMO:

1. He/She sparkles in sunshine.

2. He/She suddenly decides to teach poetry instead of physics this week.

3. He/She has what the Buffyverse calls “neck rupture”.

4. He/She weeps quietly during the lesson.

5. He/She attempts to bite you and drink your blood.


Remember kids, stay alert, not alarmed – and keep your cricket bat within arm’s reach.

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