Daylight Day 13: School

Maths class was full of sighs and weeping. (Life hasn’t changed much.) I was put on detention for being insensitive about life’s deep pain.

The principal ran detention. He looked thirsty. I shrank in my seat. “Tomorrow,” he told me, “come to my office. Bring your school spirit.”


This blog entry is rated PG for violence.

I once dreamed I was Buffy (who doesn’t, really?) and I was lured to my old primary school where the principal* was the leader of a gang of vampires. It was an ambush! ARG!!

On another occasion, I dreamt of a battle on the school oval, and distinctly saw the principal using the severed head of a long-haired student as a flail (that’s a weapon where a heavy object hangs from a rope or chain, so it gets extra velocity when swung at an enemy). Later on in the same dream, I was attempting to assist several wounded 6th-graders and was utterly at a loss due to their dozens of deep gashes, crushed limbs, etc. Then I noticed one of the girls had a bullet hole. “Oh thank goodness,” I thought. “I can cover THAT with a bandaid.”

The moral of this story is that school is scary BEFORE the EMO vampires take over.

*not actually the principal, but it makes the story better – and less track-down-who-it-really-was-able.

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