Daylight Day 28: Tower Treasure Hunt #1

Pi enjoyed demonstrating his ability to restrain Ed with a single finger.

Mum and Dad’s wedding is set for thirty November.

Still not EMO.


Today the twittertales blog begins a whole new category: the tower treasure hunt.

The rules are simple: I put up a picture I’ve taken of Telstra Tower (one of Canberra’s coolest landmarks, standing 195m high on top of Black Mountain) from a major thoroughfare, and you guys try to guess the suburb and road it was taken from. Then I give the owner of the first correct answer some candy (possibly through the mail).


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3 thoughts on “Daylight Day 28: Tower Treasure Hunt #1

  1. Hmm, interesting challenge. Doesn’t help that I haven’t seen that tower in two and a half years 😉

    It looks rather like you’re somewhat to the West of the tower, likely on William Hovell Dr, I think. I guess you could call the suburb Cook?

  2. Well done! William Hovel Dr is correct. Cook is close enough, as far as I’m concerned. Email me at fellissimo[at]hotmail[dot]com and I’ll paypal you $5 to buy your own candy (I think it might be illegal to send food to you).


  3. Oh, don’t worry about it. Donate the money to the Salvation Army if you must. I just enjoy a challenge 😉

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