Daylight Day 32: Tower Treasure Hunt #3

Someone with a hand-drawn Red Cross badge came looking for donations today. I’m pretty sure they don’t usually collect blood door-to-door.


Here’s two pictures of today’s road. Where is it?

Telstra.1 001

Telstra.1 002

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4 thoughts on “Daylight Day 32: Tower Treasure Hunt #3

  1. Tuggeranong Parkway, northbound, on the approach to glenloch interchange.

    Yay for wordpress access! If you can read this, the comment that I am now writing has been sent successfully, unlike the one I tried to send last week on a different post…

    1. Hi Nick, you’re 100% right. If you email me your address at fellissimo[at]hotmail[dot]com I’ll post you some lollies 🙂

      I checked my spam queue and you’re not in it, sorry. Evidently your previous comment was eaten by aether worms.


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