Daylight Day 68: Carba-tec

Got chased by three sad elves. Weird and frightening. Began disguising myself with dark clothes and morose expression. Green hair unhelpful.


In another wildly off-topic celebration of Canberra, here’s a celebration of customer service:

I went to Carbatec in Fyshwick today (6/145 Gladstone St) looking for an obscure wood-shaping thingy. I found the right stuff, and went to pay for it. As I rambled chattily about what I wanted it for, the guy serving me stopped me buying his product, and directed me elsewhere (for a better one – and warning me it was “expensive” at $20 – so few shop people ever imagine $20 is a big deal, yet it so often is). Since Carba-tec is a shop devoted to anyone making stuff with wood (they even have clock engines and clock hands so you can make a clock out of any piece of wood – how cool!) it’s not like I’m likely to be a repeat customer.

Thus, I thank him here.

There is still good in the world.

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