Daylight Day 79: Steampunk

“Should I check on the school?” Pi asked.

I said, “Nah. Once they’re cured they’ll be strong enough to untie themselves. Almost definitely.”


“Paranormal romance” is now its own genre – with plenty of shelf space. There’s such a lot of it that I hope the Western world overdoses and starts to hate it.

In my opinion, the next big thing is steampunk. These stories have a mechanical whimsy to them, and are often set in the late 1800s, especially in London – or in an alternate reality that is either set at the same time and society, but with far more mad science (eg Philip Reeve’s “Larklight” series – in my opinion, the funniest books ever written) or simply taking the idea of metal, cogs, and steam to a new and wonderful place (eg Richard Harland’s “Worldshaker” book – which takes the class-obsession of Victorian London and satirises it mercilessly). Movies with steampunk elements include “Sherlock Holmes”, and “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”.

Here’s a site steampunkers may enjoy:


And here’s an example (one of many) of precisely what mechanical whimsy looks like:

This particular ring is made by Catherinetterings. You can find a lot of beautiful steampunk jewellery and other items by searching through etsy.

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