Daylight Day 89: New Year’s Resolutions

Ate three advent calendars’ worth of chocolate before remembering I had a plan. Too bad my mouth was full. The EMOs closed in.

I pelted the EMOs with sweet delicious chocolate. Their mouths were hanging open for my blood, so I got the chocolate in. But no effect!

“Happy New Year!” I screamed. While they contemplated their 2010 life goals I ran to Mum’s sunroom and superglued my face to the window.


In 2010 I want to:

1) Get in the healthy weight range and stay there for twelve months.

2) Do a better job of managing the household finances (After 11 months of marriage, I think I’ve JUST got the hang of it. Maybe.)

3) Get at least one book accepted for publication.

I think numbers 1 and 2 are highly plausible. Number 3 has been highly plausible for years. I have three good chances in the first three months, though, so maybe 2010 is the year it’ll finally happen.

My three good chances are:

1) “Stormhunter” which has been almost published twice. It’s now VERY late back (a good sign) from one of the publishers who liked it before (I edited it a lot as per their comments and it’s now MUCH better than it was).

2) “Farting my ABCs” which is a brand new book, and funny. It’s technically late back, but I don’t expect a reply until late March.

3) “Miss Adventure” which I sent to a much smaller publisher (which should mean it’s less competetive, plus this publisher has a particular leaning that suits “Miss Adventure” very well).

In my fantasy world, they’d all say yes, and the first company would ask for the rest of the series. Which would neatly sell every single book I’ve written (except for the ones I’ve thrown away, and except for the National Novel Writing Month book, which needs many months of editing). Since young adult and children’s books are worth $3000-$5000, that’d add up to at least $18,000. (More, if they’re successful.)

What’s your plausible (and implausible) aims/fantasies for 2010?

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