Cloud Wars: Story so far

I normally do this on Fridays (and at the end of each tale), but here it is anyways:

Wed 10 Feb

“Mum! I gotta go make rain now.”

“Why can’t you get a real job?”

“MUM!” I switched off the comm and shot my payload into a full-looking cloud.


Since I’d cunningly forgotten to shut my lid, the rain I made fell right in. When the sparks started I cursed myself and pressed ‘eject’.


I floated down as neatly as you please, but the Eastern plane had already landed. They wrapped my own chute around my neck and I was gone.

Th 11 Feb

I woke in an Eastern jail – all concrete chic with a side order of migraine. Eastern cloud seeders made bets on me outside the barred door.


The good thing about being a nineteen-year old girl is that people think I’m weak. On their odds, I wouldn’t wake up. So I didn’t move. Yet.

Fri 12 Feb

When a doctor came to take my pulse I grabbed both his arms and twisted. He yelped but he quickly learned not to move – a perfect shield.


“We’re BFFs now,” I told him, “because today we live or die together.”

“Do I get to choose?”

“You sure do. . . is that a sandwich?”


I escaped into a land as dry as my mouth, and searched the dying fields for water without success. If only I hadn’t done my job so well.

Sat 13 Feb

A woman woke me, and I followed her into her home. She gave me water to drink. Then I saw the picture of her dead son – a cloud seeder.


She saw me looking, and nodded. “I helped you for his sake. You’re a seeder too.”

“And possibly his killer. Have you poisoned me?”


She laughed sadly. “I no longer care for East or West. Only sons or daughters. When you’ve eaten, take his plane. It’s no use to me.”

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