Cloud Wars: En Giardia!

WARNING: gross medical stuff to follow. . . don’t read this while eating.

Regular readers will be aware that I went to China and Indonesia early this year, and became sick in Indonesia (I’ve been to Indo-land seven times, and become ill every time).

I am still sick almost two months later, so I went to a doctor. Despite the care I took (never drinking Indonesian water, or ice, or salad, and brushing my teeth with bottled water), this is probably what my intestines currently look like:

Specifically, that’s a likely representation of the mucus of my small intestine.

Those cute little guys are called Giardia Trophozites, and they spend their days “actively swimming” and making me feel sick (though probably not as sick as you feel right now, if you’ve got a decent imagination).

The most likely way I inadvertently invited these guys to an intestinal pool party is by accidentally (or intentionally, but I’m pretty sure I’d remember that) ingesting a small amount of “human or animal faeces”. Yep, I accidentally ate some poo.

The medication I’m taking is called “Flagyl” which sounds suspiciously like “flagellate”. The perfectly rational explanation is that it’s named after the four little tentacle-thingies that each of my new little friends has trailing from their backsides.

Hey! Let’s take a closer look!

So, in conclusion, here are some recommended slogans for Indonesian tourism:

Indonesia: Impossible to forget!

Indonesia: An experience that stays deep inside you!

Indonesia: Bring it home with you!

Indonesia: A great opportunity to travel, meet new people, and ingest their faeces!

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