Love in a time of corsetry

This is a true story that took place in Victorian-era Australia.  

The “rather mature” man-servant, Mr Supple, asked permission to marry the “very young and pretty” servant-girl, Mary.

My husband thought, as she was so much the younger of the two, it was a pity for her to throw herself away, so he spoke to her.

“Mary,” said he, “what makes you think of marrying Supple, a man old enough to be your father – and such an ugly man, and you such a pretty girl?”

“Well, sir, John Supple is NOT a pretty man, but his manners! Oh! Sir, his manners!” said Mary.

We could say nothing to this, and manners carried the day.

-From “Colonial Ladies” by Maggie Weidenhofer.

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    1. Ann: Your suspicions are well-founded. Using a microsoft stock picture seemed the easiest way to avoid infringing on anyone’s rights. (At least, today it did. In future I’ll draw on some of the steampunk blogs I follow – with acknowledgement, of course.)

      1. They are very pretty…. But somewhat incongruous with an anecdote from the Victorians…

      2. Ann: They had flowers, right? Besides, the story is Australian. Orange daisies are about as subtle as Australian culture.

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