Why pickling isn’t a popular form of burial (PG horror)

From “Colonial Ladies” by Maggie Weidenhofer, here’s a horrifying true story of two ladies: one dead, and one disturbed.

Mrs Short had wanted her body taken back to England for burial. This account was written by the woman who sailed back with the corpse.

. . . the only way was to put her in a cask of pickle. . . had she reflected before her death what was really necessary to be Done—for the safety of all our Healths—I am sure poor soul she would much rather have consented to a Watery Grave. Should it please God to take my life on the Seas I shall not care what becomes of my Body provided it goes all together—but to be Mangled (as poor Soul, she was Done) is enough to frighten any Christian from Consenting to be served so. . .

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4 thoughts on “Why pickling isn’t a popular form of burial (PG horror)

  1. Eww.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying this little twittertale 🙂 Hope all is well down in the antipodes!

    1. Jolyon: All’s well on the antipodes front. No pickling necessary.

  2. I think I remember reading about a similar one involving honey. Sickly sweet indeed.

    Also, I’m with Jolyon. This is a good tale this month. I like it. “Only sane man” stories are well worth the effort – they have a psychological edge.

    1. W: I liked last month’s twittertale far more than this one. Shows what I know!

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