Sword Canes

I’ve mentioned the brilliant steampunk blog and resource Trial by Steam at least once before.

Here is an article on sword canes. Yep, sword canes. How good is that?

Here’s an excerpt:

Please note that these weapons are illegal in the states of California and Wisconsin. It is your responsibility as a potential owner of a lethal weapon to check your local laws for other stipulations which may affect the transport or use of a sword cane if you choose to purchase one. Please be a responsible owner.

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6 thoughts on “Sword Canes

  1. Heh. They’re also illegal in New York. No less than two separate people have informed me of such šŸ˜‰

    1. Jolyon: I love the lack of context you just gave us. It adds so much to the story.

      1. What can I say? I am a man of few words šŸ™‚ Besides, now your imagination is rampant! Next time you see me with a cane, you’ll wonder…

  2. What’s the Sword-Cane-related legal situation here…?

    About three days ago, about 4am, I suddenly felt an intense inexplicable desire to buy one.

    (Perhaps my other personality wanted to go a-killing and is tired of those blunt steak knives…)

    1. Ben: Sadly, “I had an inexplicable urge at 4am” has yet to be successfully used as a court defence. But good luck.

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