Diverting power to the main grid

I seem to be strangely busy these days*so I’ve decided to cut down on blogging a teensy bit. Those readers who’ve been around for a while (or who noticed that I still blogged while on my honeymoon/in labour/etc) will be stunned at this development, while the rest of you will be left wondering, “And the big deal is. . . ?”

The blog will be silent on weekends from this week onwards. The “articles by others” (usually on writing, usually with my comments) will be moved to Thursdays, and “Steampunk Sundays” will be moved to the somewhat less alliterative Tuesdays (from tomorrow – so you’ll score two steampunk days this week). Mondays will remain Miscellaneous (including any awesomenesses that deserve the name), Wednesdays all about Louisette, and Fridays will still be all about book reviews.


* I wonder why


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4 thoughts on “Diverting power to the main grid

  1. You’d give up entertaining us internet folk to spend time with a *child*?! How selfish! /sarcasm

    Fewer posts –> sanity –> better posts + healthier Louise (and Louisette!) = good.

    1. Ann: It’s at my mum’s house. .. . but I don’t think it’s the right size for you.

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