Girls Gone Metric: She’s Ten Months Old

Yep, just two more months of daily photos to go. . .

Louisette has learned that falling off the couch face-first is something she doesn’t want to do. She has not learned that falling off the couch backwards is something equally unpleasant. But she’s pretty good at the wriggling-style descent these days, and can sometimes even get herself into position (tummy down, feet first) by herself. She has developed two distinct dancing styles, she can drink her own bottle without help, she eats mostly human foods including oatmeal and sandwiches, she feeds herself her own lunch, given half a chance she can and will undress herself and everyone around her, she can turn her musical toys on by herself, she can recognise photos of her Mum and Dad, and she has a couple of cute party tricks up her sleeve – including passing a ball back when it’s been rolled to her. Sometimes she even has good hair days.

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4 thoughts on “Girls Gone Metric: She’s Ten Months Old

  1. I think I’m starting to understand why people actually say “she grew up so fast”. Look away for a moment and she’s grown, matured and learned a new skill. I’m expecting an official first word any day now (the official criteria is that it’s phonetically similar to the adult word and consistently produced with the right stimulus). I’m not sure I count the ones you told me about last time I was down (I call them a “phonetically consistent form”, because it’s not really resembling an adult word yet).

    Is it a bad thing that I recognise Belconnen mall from a wall and part of an escalator?

  2. Oh, you linguists and your….well, definitions of words and stuff….

    Yes it’s terrible that you recognised Belco mall just from those fragments. Particularly since it’s a new bit and you don’t live in Canberra any more. (Incidentally, despite her apparent addiction, we’ve never once given her coke).

    Yeah, the whole “grow up so fast” thing is on crack for the first year. The human brain and body just gets slack after that.

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