Dizzy with freedom (TJ settled earlier than usual this evening), I went through all my TJ photos and tagged them with the category “TJ daily photos”. If you click on that category on the right, you’ll skip all the talky bits of the blog and just get the pics, with sometimes a bit of explanation/boasting.

Here’s another photo from today, because why not?


That’s Louisette giving eye drops to one of TJ’s toys.

She continues to love all medical procedures, and enjoyed holding my hand as I had blood taken for testing yesterday – which turned out to be great timing, because she’s recently discovered fear, and having her “help mummy be brave when mummy was scared” is a nice way of developing her own courage now that she has the knowledge to be scared.

She still adores TJ, exclaiming, “TJ!” or “My brother!” after as little as a few minutes apart. A few days ago the cat decided to saunter near him, and Louisette yelled, “No Ana! Not your brother! My brother!”

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