Poppy and a lid

TJ definitely knocks plastic toys together to make a sound. He takes after me, though, and does it in the easiest possible way – using his dummy as a base. He’s already done all this work finding the location of his mouth (aka a fixed point), and the dummy is nice and steady. It works great. Of course he often hits himself in the face, but that’s just another way he takes after me.

IMG_8924 IMG_8925

Today also features Poppy, who visited today.

IMG_8930 IMG_8932

Yesterday he said “Maaa” and “Daaa”. “M” and “ah” are recent sounds. I amuse myself by saying, “Mum mum mum mum mum” to him quite often (did this with Louisette, and her first word was “Mum”). It’s clear he know this is a thing, because he was saying “Mmm” to me a lot.

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