Little Man at Work

Finally managed to catch a pic of TJ standing with just his hands held (ie he’s balancing better) rather than the more supportive under-the-arms mode (also demonstrated below). Realised later he was wearing a (drool and vomit-stained) singlet in front of a giant TV sports game at a club. Hmm.

IMG_9037 IMG_9041


Today we put together Louisette’s old high chair (avoiding possible jealously by having her help her Dad put it together – it worked great – and involving her in deciding where it belongs at the table). TJ seemed perfectly content in the chair for a really long time – he slouches, but not too badly. This might just mean we have a shot at both eating dinner two-handed at the same time. Realised later I’d taken one of those obnoxious all-in-white-on-a-white-background-with-white-furniture photo of the kids. Luckily the plastic teacup was red rather than pastel, or it would all be too weird.



I mentioned TJ’s been getting frustrated with tummy time lately. Instead of putting him on a mat (and getting down on the floor myself) today, I just leaned forwards to put him on his tummy directly in front of me – and it was natural to keep holding on around his chest, giving him the sense that he was holding himself up with straight arms. He has more strength in his arms than I expected, which encouraged me, and the whole experience reinvigorated him – so now he’s enthusiastic again. You can see him working on his arm strength in the first two pics, then wriggling/foot-pushing himself forwards to get the toy in the rest – and the belief and then satisfaction on his face. The key pic is the second in the long series – his legs are straight because he’s pushed out with them, and his arm is straight too because his arms have also moved to help him get to the toy.

IMG_9059 IMG_9062

IMG_9028 IMG_9031 IMG_9032 IMG_9033 IMG_9034

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