Always a crowd-pleaser.

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Thing are extremely exciting in TJ-land. I was so excited about the Cotter River I forgot to post TJ having fun on the Cotter Playground slide (above).

In the last week he’s been all about movement. If we hadn’t child-proofed ages ago, we’d need to do it IMMEDIATELY. As it is, we need to re-establish some old habits – like closing doors – and teach them to Louisette too (luckily she’s got that toddler-OCD door-closing habit already). He can get anywhere he wants on hands and knees (still in that funny caterpillar-humping movement). His knees have been visibly red 24-7 for days, and he and Louisette “race” across the kitchen, laughing maniacally. When she hides, he finds her! He’s also started walking forwards (with hands held) very enthusiastically and quite fast.

In the last 24 hours, he’s (just) pulled himself into a standing position, and (just) stood independently (for a max of about three seconds, after careful placement and balancing).

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