Tally Ho! etc

TJ’s year of daily photos is done and dusted, and I have a real live book coming out in 2016. So what happens to the blog now?

I expect to blunder about a bit this year as I find my blogerly voice once more. I know a few things:

Reading over my book reviews from back in the day made me realise they were pretty good, and I should do more. If you have a young adult fantasy novel coming out (that doesn’t have graphic or violent sex), email me at fellissimo at hotmail dot com – but be warned, I can be harsh. I prefer books on kindle, so providing a review copy is nice and cheap.

As I might have mentioned, I have a real live book coming out. That means there’ll be blog stuff about pirates, writing stuff, and conference stuff.

The kids are likely to pop up every so often, because kids. Also I’ll write about whatever’s in my head, as always – mental illness, basic human rights for refugees, sweet delicious chocolate, and so on.

And there’s another big twist in my writing career soon to be announced. . . stay tuned!



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