My daughter had heard of moose, but not mousse. . . so when her dad and I discussed making chocolate mousse she asked, “Will it come alive when it’s finished?”

(Being scientifically-minded, she knows perfectly well that mammals have live young. . . but she also knows there are a lot of weird and wonderful ways to make life happen.)

Speaking of Louisette, she and I were talking today about what she wants to be when she grows up.

She told me that she wants to be a scientist, spy (a new kind who doesn’t spy on people), vet, doctor, nurse, police officer, firefighter, artist, writer and mum. “I have decided that I WILL be a Mum and I WILL marry a man.”

[I have told her that she can’t marry a family member, and if she marries a girl it’s slightly trickier to have kids.]

I said, “The most important thing about marriage is picking the right person. If you pick, for example, a bully—that would be terrible every day.”

She said, “I already have some ideas.”

Of course I wanted details, so she told me (names redacted, obviously):

Kid1, “because he likes science just like me.”

Kid2, “because his name starts with ‘L’ just like me.”

Kid3, “because he is kind.”

Kid4, “because he is funny and has all the best stories.”

Kid5, “because he is very very very very kind.”

I was very impressed with her logic, and with her choices (I know all of these boys; some quite well). I was especially happy that none of her choices have ever been mean to her (I do encourage her to be friends with those that tease her, within reason), and that only one is Caucasian.

We talked about how far away marriage is, and how marrying a good friend is definitely the way to go.

So that was fun.

Chocolate Mousse was always going to be a winner. (You can google your own recipe; I’ve typed enough today.) Vast amounts of chocolate and cream, with sugar added?


Yum Factor: 5 (so rich it’s deadly)

Health: -1000 stars

Easy: 4 (gotta use a dry bowl to whip egg white. . . which I didn’t, and it was still fabulous)… but it’s not easy to tell the kids they can’t eat it until the next day.

Will make again? Probably not, but maybe at Christmas (probably with Bailey’s added). It’s WAY too much cream for my system to handle, so I’d attempt it with lactose free cream (after consulting my also-low-lactose Mum about whether lactose free cream can whip). It’s gluten free (like my mum), so actually that’s helpful. A LOT easier than cake, and yummier too. So… probably yes, now I think of it.

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