I survived Year Five (and also Year Six)

Today I visited a primary school and took over two Year 5/6 classes for about an hour each. I met Aiden, Riley, Andrea, Nathan and many others.

Teaching is a little bit like getting executed and a little bit like having God-like powers. The combination is confusing, to say the least.

The kids were startlingly responsive, and I enjoyed myself. I think they did too. It’ll be interesting to see if any of them start following me on twitter over the next few days (or comment on this!)

I had them write character sheets and story outlines. The influence of “Twilight” was clear by the large numbers of vampires, and of very emo immortals. I had this conversation a few times:

“Your character sounds interesting. So what makes him happy?”


“Does he enjoy anything?”


“So. . . he’s trying to be happy?”

“No. Not really.”


Clearly Edward Cullen, yes?

A lot of the story ideas were BRILLIANT. In one class, we had a character who could fly. Her problems were that (a) She couldn’t stop – even when she slept (b) SHE WAS CONTAGIOUS! (I am definitely stealing that idea.)

In another class, our character had psychokinetic powers (since when do kids know what that word means?) They gave him the problem that whenever he used his powers, he fainted. What a great problem!


Pirates: 1

Ninjas: 0

Oh! I almost forgot! It’s just two days until the pirate flashmob this Saturday.

How to join: show up at the Lyneham shops (outside the second-hand bookshop) at 2:00-2:30pm this Saturday in a pirate outfit (or just show up, and I’ll give ye an eyepatch). Bring your friends!

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One thought on “I survived Year Five (and also Year Six)

  1. Man, I wish I’d survived year 5 (also 6)….
    And, actually, on that topic – are you sure that all those characters weren’t really based on me?
    I seem to recall that H.G. Wells once used a cursed, constantly flying character, but I can’t remember if he was contagious. But, anyway, every schoolkid knows about Psychokinesis (or PK, if you prefer) since Pokemon popularised the concept.
    Many of the smarter ones have also picked up Pyrokinesis from ‘X-Men’
    Or perhaps the Ninjas just told them about…
    I’ve said too much…

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