Companion to Day Six: Magic

Hello to all the kids I met today, who invented wonderful stories for me

– the handsome prince with bed-wetting issues

– the flying dog with a taste for leg of schoolboy, and

– the horrifying – but delicious – sludge monster, Jim.


The tropical world of the story is called Rahana. Rahana is populated by humans, and many are born with magical ability – roughly one-third of the population.

The three types of magic are:

Quickensmith/Quickener (like Captain Sol): Can move any kind of object – including humans (very crudely, eg she can make part of their body cave in, or send a person flying across the room as if they’ve been punched super hard).

Healsmith/Healer (like Oldy – not that it’s been mentioned yet): Can heal people (although a poor healer sometimes makes things worse).

Feelsmith/Feeler (doesn’t come up in this story): Can read or transmit emotion.

All three magic skills require physical touch – but the lightest brush of a hand is enough.

There are a few other (extremely rare) types of magic on Rahana, but they are not well understood.

In Captain Sol’s time, using quickening to make a ship sail is considered extremely bad luck.

One thing sailors and writers have in common is that sheer luck has a huge influence on our lives. That makes both groups either neurotic, superstitious, or both. But writers’ bad luck only makes them poor. Sailors’ bad luck gets them horribly killed. There’s a REASON people say worse things happen at sea.

Any day now, Harper Collins will respond to my young adult book, “Stormhunter”. I know it’s good enough (partly because they themselves have told me so). I just need a little luck.

Guess I’d better conduct my entire work day on one leg, in case THAT helps.


Incidentally, here’s the YouTube video of the “Worse Things Happen at Sea” launch (a flashmob):

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