Companion to Day Seven: Sleep

You can’t just park a ship. You can anchor it, but you still need at least one or two people keeping watch (apart from anything else, an anchor chain is long and can get twisted if the ship is getting turned around and around for hours. A ship never sleeps. If someone’s always awake on a ship, that means someone’s always asleep.

Captain Sol likes working at night, especially alone, so today Ulandin and Oldy are keeping watch (even though they’re not quickeners and can’t do anything except wake Sol if something happens).

When I sailed on the Young Endeavour, we wore harnesses whenever we climbed the rigging and almost all the time we were on deck. These were like abseiling harnesses, with big metal eyes and tight bindings.

On one occasion, after finishing my shift, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep face down on the deck – while still wearing the harness (one part of which left me with a bruise). I also grew used to sleeping in all my clothes, including my harness, wet weather gear (like a giant stiff tracksuit) and my shoes and socks.

But it wasn’t so bad. After all, worse things happen at sea. . .

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  1. My God! People are trying to bring down Twitter in a vain attempt to stop you!
    Fight on!

    1. I cunningly posted all that day’s tweets in the space of two hours, shortly before the hacking began. Yay for sheer dumb luck!

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