Compan to Day Forty-Five: funny story


Kids kept cutting one another while training.

‘Can we just fight with knives and rocks, like usual?’ one asked, scratching his bloody chin.


Paranoia Girl. . and fire

I couldn’t think of anything to say, so here’s today’s entry from my other blog:

It’s early Spring here in Australia, and my feet were cold. I decided to warm them up with five minutes in front of my heater (which glows red-hot – highly innefficient but LOOKS warm). My cat, Ana, was sitting watching me (as she does. I have mentioned previously that she has a brain the size of half a dried pea). I pointedly put my feet very close to the heater. (”MY heater, you overfed fiend.”)

Undeterred, little Ana slid between my feet and the heater. Being soft-hearted, I let her. After a few seconds, I happened to notice smoke rising from the cat’s far side.

Yep. . . my cat had set herself on fire.

I immediately grabbed her (”Prreow?”) and hastily patted out her burning fur. She gave me an offended look, and sauntered away. The house now smells strongly of burnt fur.

I have a feeling there’s some kind of moral here. . .

Mmm. . . NICE and warm. . . Mmm. . . NICE and warm. . . 

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