Companion to Day Forty-Six: Mary Sue

Sol and I watched the harbour. ‘That ship’s better’n ours,’ said Sol, ‘so when we rule here, I’m gonna make it mine. The blue one’s for you.’


Mary Sue: (n) A character who lacks flaws, and is clearly a fantasy drawn directly from the writer’s fragile and/or deluded ego.

Someone once suggested Captain Sol is a Mary Sue. To which I said, “Pardon?”

Sol is unhappy, unpleasant, and insane. Sure, she’s a female pirate captain (yay), but no-one who understood her at all would want to BE her.

Others have asked whether Captain Sol is a close representation of the author. To which I also say, “Pardon?”

Sol and I are female, yes.

Sol and I are both intelligent, with a strong drive for independence (Sol is considerably more successful than me in that respect).

We both have long hair, and the usual quota of legs, eyes, etc.

We’re both mental – but in opposite directions.

 I get all tangled up in other people’s emotions (often getting more upset than the person, and then feeling guilty because I’m too upset to help them in any way). Sol, if someone’s emotions bother her (on the rare occasions she notices an emotion, it bothers her), kills them. (Can you see the subtle difference there?)

Sol is a deeply practical, outside-loving person.

I am. . . not. Going outside to hang out the washing is a big deal for me.

Once you get past my anxiety disorder, I’m a pretty happy person. Sol is not. Although sometimes, on days like today, her sense of fun and/or generousity (twisted though it is) comes out.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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