Daylight Day 2: “Am I an EMO?” quiz

In Civic, Ed kissed me and sighed. “Oh, Bell. Cloudy days are so deep.” “Oh no!” I cried. “Ed, tell me you haven’t been bitten by an EMO!”


He didn’t laugh once at our preview of “Saw VI”. I yanked him into a rare patch of sun – and he sparkled. My boyfriend had turned EMO!


Finally he confessed: “My mum bit me.”

“Your MUM!?”

He sighed, “Sad, I know.”

“Do you want to drink my blood now?”

“Er. . . no,” he lied.


“Am I an EMO?” quiz

1. Would you LIKE to be an EMO?

2. Are most of your clothes black?

3. Do you like to share poetry about your feeeeelings?

4. Does your fringe hang longer than your eyebrows?

5. Do you find “Daylight” completely unfunny (along with everything else in creation)?

Bonus questions:

6. Do you have strong urges to drink blood?

7. Have people’s necks and veins suddenly become more attractive to you?

8. Is your hair turning darker without needing to be dyed?

9. Are your teeth unusually sharp, especially when you feel peckish?

10. Do you sparkle in an annoyingly pretty fashion whenever the sun hits you?


Answers: If you answered yes to one or more questions, YOU ARE IN DANGER!

Public Health and Safety Regulators recommend that you DO NOT drain your friends and neighbours of their blood – no matter how tempting it might be.


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