Daylight Day 3: Apology

On the news: “The EMO subculture has now become a pandemic. EMO teens can be recognised by their depression, dark clothes, and bad poetry.”


I walked in the yard just as Mum set some weeds on fire. “Mum,” I said through the smoke, “Ed’s EMO.”

“That’s nice dear.”


My name’s pretty bad, but my brother is Pi. He’s ten and wears a labcoat. I told him, “Ed’s EMO.”

“Hm. Can I do experiments on him?”



The story is barely three days old and already I’ve discovered that the depressed emo is largely a myth (most emos TODAY just wear unusual clothes and hair).

Obviously (I hope) I don’t want real emos killed – or harmed in any way.

It’s important to note that the EMOs of “Daylight” are actually vampires. Not emos. They’re also not at all a fair representation of real emos from any time or place. Because what’s funny about reality?

I can certainly see why some people find the story highly offensive. That is not the intent of the story, and I am wholeheartedly sorry for causing anger and for using stereotypes. However I have decided to continue with the story because I believe that depression absolutely SHOULD be laughed at. If you look at my alternative blog, you’ll see that I spend a lot of my time online mocking myself and my own mental illness (which I’ve now had for five years).

So, in conclusion – this is NOT a story about real EMOs. I borrowed a little from real life, a lot from “Twilight”, and even more from my own imagination (and the recent swine flu pandemic hysteria). If you are an emo, please take this chance to laugh at what could have been. If you are depressed, please use whatever strength you have to find a way to be a little less depressed.

Some resources for the mentally ill:

Your local doctor can prescribe you medication (depression isn’t something you chose – it’s something wrong with the chemicals in your head. So why not fix it, like every other sickness?)

If you’re a woman in Canberra, you can get free counselling from the Women’s Health Centre. Their number is 6205 1078. They’re EXCELLENT. And if you’re any Australian woman, I bet they can give you a number to call in your area.

Here’s a blog I wrote with some advice:

And here’s a blog about someone else’s very funny misery:

And another funny blog about metalheads – who are also famous for being unhappy (but are actually normal people) – this blog is written BY a metalhead (a very happy, cheerful individual both online and in real life), who is currently travelling Europe (finding as many metal fests and shops as possible):

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