Daylight Day 17: Bell vs Bella

Ed called and said, “My Mum wants to know how you got that lovely green in your hair.”

“Well, I –”

“Oh, what’s the point?!” he cried.


Pi and I snuck over, gagged Ed, and dragged him home. He sparkled all the way. We locked him in the spare room with a saucer of rat’s blood.


Still not EMO, despite Ed’s slurping of his rat blood. He always was a messy eater. Now he stinks too (he owns only one all-black outfit).



While Bella’s parents are a bit dopey, at least they didn’t name their daughter after a musical instrument.

Bell has a younger brother.

Bell’s hair is naturally black (then green), whereas Bella’s is brown.

Bell actually gets annoyed when her boyfriend is annoying.


Both stay with their very emo/EMO boyfriends. Both don’t seem to mind their boyfriend wants to drink their blood. Both are charmingly clutzy, and not the brightest spark in the fire.

Both have a horrible fate in store.

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