Daylight Day 19: Questacon

Caught Pi measuring Ed’s fringe. “When do you start experimenting on him?” I asked.

He said, “Soon. I’m gathering data.”

Still not EMO.


Pi said, “Should we ungag Ed? Mum and Dad are fine with him being here.”

“No,” I said, “If we did that, he might start talking again.”


Questacon the National Science and Technology Centre is probably the most enjoyable tourist attraction in Canberra – especially the freefall slide (which cunningly demonstrates the science of gravity) – it’s a slide about five metres high.

It’s polished daily (which I know, because I used to work there – and we’d finish off the polish job by going down the slide ourselves). It can be scary, though – some over-enthusiastic parents have pressured their children so hard that the child has literally (and yes I know what that word means) pooed their pants.

My two favourite galleries are “Awesome Earth” (which includes an earthquake house and artificial lightning), and “MiniQ”. “MiniQ” is ONLY for 6-year olds and their families – others aren’t allowed in. It has a tiny bakery, tiny construction site, underwater sensory world (complete with mysterious squishy things in holes) and. . . . a water play area. Borrow a child, take a camera, and don’t forget a change of clothes.

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