Daylight Day 35: How to write a bad novel

All TV cancelled in favour of OC re-runs. Pi and I sat watching Ed cry for two hours. His fringe grew visibly. Still not EMO (pretty sure).


This is funny (and informative):


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2 thoughts on “Daylight Day 35: How to write a bad novel

  1. No, no – I’m familiar with the Internet. People don’t need to be told to do these things, they do them automatically…

  2. This is also pretty good:
    ‘Top 12 Signs That The Fantasy Novel That You Are Working On Has Gone Horribly Awry’

    I think that the best one is:
    ’10. The part where your hero is nearly killed and emerges from the ordeal a changed man with a renewed purpose for some reason takes place over coffee with his parents.’

    I can relate…

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