Daylight Day 47: World’s best sandwich

Mum picked fresh tomatoes for our dinner, and once again I could have sworn she was sparkling. But when I blinked, she wasn’t. Weird.


Since it’s vaguely related to tomatoes:

Yesterday I went to Questacon just for lunch. The cafe there has excellent hot chips, and possibly the world’s most delicious sandwich. It’s made on a kind of bun which (for reasons incomprehensible to me) is referred to on the menu as a Turkish wrap.

It contains avocado, lettuce (easily removed), brie and sundried tomato.


Pretty easy to make at home, too.

Questacon now has an awesome giant steampunk clock on the wall of the foyer.

Chips: $3 (regular size)

Sandwich: $7.50

Entrance to cafe: free

Entrance to Questacon galleries: $18 for adults, $11.50 for under-17 year olds.

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