Daylight Day 18: How to make a cloning machine

“Bell! Bell!” said Pi.

I said, “What?”

“You were right! Mum has a natural immunity.”


“I know. We have to clone her!”



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How to make a cloning machine:

Parts: Duct tape (silver works best)

Two broken slinkies

A plastic fish

Two digital watches

A wig made from real hair

Two AA batteries (or, for better results, one gerbil)

Cardboard box (big enough for two adults)

Large red button


1. Tape all ingredients together with the red button on the outside.

2. Push button to operate.

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5 thoughts on “Daylight Day 18: How to make a cloning machine

  1. Tomorrow: How To Make Your Own Atom Bomb!
    (it’s a bit more complicated – it needs an egg…)

  2. Actually, science of this kind CAN be quite straightforward – such as with Serial Cloning:


    You Will Need –

    1. A Genetically-Engineered Super-Soldier in Morula form (Morula – an early-stage embryo, in this case consisting of 16 or less Totipotent Stemcells)

    2. Saltwater Solution.

    3. An Incubator.

    4. An Army of Female Acolytes.


    Step 1: Place the Morula in the saltwater Solution and leave until it has broken up into its 16 component cells.

    Step 2: Leave individual Cells in Incubator until each has re-developed into Morula form.

    Step 3. Repeat Steps 1-2 with each Morula created until you have the desired number of Embryos (though remember to freeze a couple so that you can create more later if necessary)

    Step 4: Implant Embryos in Acolytes.

    Step 5: Dominate World.

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