Daylight Day 49: Films

“I have to what now?” I asked Pi.

He said, “Just ask Dad how often he bites Mum.”

“But –”

“We need to know. And I’m WAY too young to ask.”


Still not EMO, despite finding out Dad gives Mum hickies “every day or two”. I certainly FEEL sick. But will their grossness save the world?


Another perk of living in Canberra is the ANU film club. (ANU stands for “Australian national University”, an institution that not only produces scholars of my own fine calibre, but also runs highly profitable scams known as “clubs” which are given vast amounts of funds and in some cases use it VERY intelligently).

The web site is at

It tells you schedules and stuff, but what you fundamentally need to know is:

$35 per semester or $15 for seven days.

Many films are shown each week (although not in uni holidays) on a proper movie-size screen. Big films tend to be shown a few months after they come out in regular theatres, which is pretty impressive since you can watch every major film in six months for $35 (plus you can often bring a guest for free).

You don’t need to be part of the ANU – but films are shown at the Coombs Lecture Theatre, which is tremendously difficult to find unless you have a local guide and/or shaman.

Films usually start at 8pm, and if you don’t like people talking in a movie then don’t come. If a movie is popular, you may need to come at 7:30 or earlier, because every so often there’s a full house. There are no previews.

If you enjoy wetting yourself at extremely bad writing/acting/etc then ANU film club is the place to do it. The audience is a wonderful, intelligent community.

Incidentally, “Shaun of the Dead” is showing this Friday (tomorrow) at roughly 10:30pm (after “Funny People” and a fifteen-minute interval). And “Surrogates” is showing at 8pm Saturday – so for $15 you can see both (and bring a friend each time, I’m pretty sure – I always buy semester membership, so weekly memberships are slightly mysterious to me).

Pay in cash only, so make sure you bring some – plus extra for the canteen.

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