Daylight Day 82: Preview of the next tale

The Mums enjoyed tying the Dads to the treehouse roof a little too much. Pi and I weren’t EMO, but we certainly felt wrong inside.


The three of us stormed Parliament House. I might have accidentally broken the Prime Minister’s nose (a little). Awkward!


It’s that special time – the time in a twitter tale when I give out a free sample of the next story. This time, the next story is, “The Spy Who Shoved Me”.

Here’s day 1 (which actually takes place on 3 Jan – there’s a two-day gap):

The name’s Bind. Jimmy Bind. On mission to China. I can tell the flight attendant wants me diced on a tiny tray. Time for some airline food.


He comes at me with a poison toothpick. I click my pen and squirt gas in his eye. He reels and hits the Wong twins. Two Wongs make it right.


The Wongs knock the flight attendant out cold. I unclick my pen and accidentally poison myself. When I wake up, we’re in Beijing. Smooth.

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