January 19: Complete Story of “The Spy Who Shoved Me”

PS for those who’ve kept up, I’ll post the last of the China photos at http://felicitybloomfield.wordpress.com today. THE SPY WHO SHOVED ME Sun3 The name’s Bind. Jimmy Bind. On mission to China. I can tell the flight attendant wants me diced on a tiny tray. Time for some airline food. * He comes at meContinue reading “January 19: Complete Story of “The Spy Who Shoved Me””

January 18: Don’t eat yellow snow, and don’t. . .

drink “Golden Lemonade”. I did a week ago today, and I’ve been sick ever since. It’s got all the ingredients of regular home-made lemonade, plus syrup, cordial, and egg yolk. It was pretty nice – like home made lemonade, but much more so. Powerful stuff. Yesterday I drank undiluted cordial, which is apparently quite aContinue reading “January 18: Don’t eat yellow snow, and don’t. . .”

January 17: Bali Bogan

For those who haven’t heard the term, “bogan” is Australian for “white trash”. They’re the kind of people who hear that the government is helping young families, and start popping out kids at one/nine months. They’re also the kind of people that all seem to end up in Bali. My partner and I came homeContinue reading “January 17: Bali Bogan”

January 16: Kamikaze Horse

Finally, the blog I’ve planned for months: Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. It’s inside a national park, and even the surrounding area is high enough that I get altitude sickness every time I go there. It’s over 2,300 metres (yes, metres) above sea level, and is certainly notContinue reading “January 16: Kamikaze Horse”

January 13: Not Dead

I’m sitting in an internet  cafe in Denpasar, sick and grumpy. So instead of blogging about Mount Bromo, here’s a few domestic Indonesian airline slogans I’ve collected along the way: Wings Air – flying is cheap (especially when you recycle airplanes that would be illegal if you were an international airline) Adam Air – nowContinue reading “January 13: Not Dead”

January 11: Toilet Travails

At some point soon I’ll be writing something comparing Beijing and Indonesia (which I know a lot better) on my other blog, at http://felicitybloomfield.wordpress.com Why is it that Indonesian adventures are always somehow toilet-related? My partner and I are in Indonesia now, on the same island as the illustrious Jimmy Bind (no sightings yet, though, sadly).Continue reading “January 11: Toilet Travails”

January 10: Indonesian Phrases

More data for the up-and-coming supervillians (especially you, Ben): It’s over, fool! = Sudah Selesai, si bodoh! Excuse me, may I please steal your government secrets? = Permisi, boleh saya curi rahasia pemerintahmu? Don’t look at me. I’m a perfectly innocent pineapple. = Jangan melihatiku. Aku nenas suci. Take that, naughty person! = Menerima itu,Continue reading “January 10: Indonesian Phrases”

January 7: Chair Skating

It’s skating. On a chair. Specifically, chair skating is skating on a pair of chairs made of cheap iron (and plywood for the seats), welded onto an iron frame at the bottom. The whole thing is like a sled with two chairs welded onto it (one behind the other). Since the Great Wall, our cameraContinue reading “January 7: Chair Skating”

January 5: Real Life Adventures

Today I walked on the Great Wall with my husband and Bil (my Brother In Law), who lives in Beijing. I should probably mention about now that, on Saturday and (especially) on Sunday, Beijing had the heaviest snowfall it’s had in sixty years (you can read more at http://felicitybloomfield.wordpress.com ). So we caught a trainContinue reading “January 5: Real Life Adventures”

January 4: Chinese Phrases (contains swearing)

Here are some useful Chinese phrases for all you superspies out there (be advised that these are (a) rather loose translations, and (b) don’t have tones, which Chinese obviously does): Ai ya, hwai leh! – Shit on my head! Ai ya, wo mun wan leh – We’re in big trouble BUN tyen-shung duh ee-DWAY-RO –Continue reading “January 4: Chinese Phrases (contains swearing)”

January 3: Bind Your Mind

Welcome to your new theme and new story, “The Spy Who Shoved Me”. (The actual tweets will appear late tonight, since my parents are posting them – China doesn’t allow twitter at this time.) Our hero is Jimmy Bind, the lovechild of James Bond and someone even prettier. He speaks thirty-two languages fluently (and noneContinue reading “January 3: Bind Your Mind”

The Spy Who Shoved Me: The Scenic Tour

“The Spy Who Shoved Me” doesn’t start until tomorrow, but it’s (mostly) set in China, which is (coincidentally) where I am right now. My partner and I are visiting my brother-in-law who is living in Beijing because of its thriving music scene. I’m blogging in detail at http://felicitybloomfield.wordpress.com and I try to make it entertaining.Continue reading “The Spy Who Shoved Me: The Scenic Tour”

Daylight Day 82: Preview of the next tale

The Mums enjoyed tying the Dads to the treehouse roof a little too much. Pi and I weren’t EMO, but we certainly felt wrong inside. * The three of us stormed Parliament House. I might have accidentally broken the Prime Minister’s nose (a little). Awkward! ——————————————————- It’s that special time – the time in aContinue reading “Daylight Day 82: Preview of the next tale”