January 17: Bali Bogan

For those who haven’t heard the term, “bogan” is Australian for “white trash”. They’re the kind of people who hear that the government is helping young families, and start popping out kids at one/nine months. They’re also the kind of people that all seem to end up in Bali.

My partner and I came home via Denpasar airport. It was terrifying stuff. The whole airport overflowed with shiny whiny Australians, who in turn overflowed from their teeny tiny outfits. There were a few skinny little bleached-blondes, but the overall average weight was obese. Lots of these weird and frightening creatures featured low-cut tops apparently designed to show off their saggy bits, plus singlet sleeves (or no tops at all, for the men) to show off their brilliant sunburn and/or equally saggy tattoos.

It was a scary thing.

Curiously, they wear their hair just like certain Russian women I observed in China – bleached-blonde, almost every single time. Why is that?

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  1. It’s weird, because in NZ, “bogan” is kind of another word for metalhead. It still has it’s white trash connotations, but many of us embrace it as a kind of ironic name.

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