Ah, l’Hospital!

For those who don’t follow me on facebook or twitter, I’m in hospital (again). Just as it looked like I was in the clear post-operatively speaking, I developed an infection. It so happens that the infection is right in a patch of my belly that’s currently completely numb. Which possibly explains why I’ve been inContinue reading “Ah, l’Hospital!”

Dear Star Wars: Here is Your Script

I don’t often write fan fiction. So this kind of happened as I wrote my thoughts after seeing “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (I had so many feels it took me days to write and is 3000 words long.) It’s a VERY interesting  film for writers, and so of course I analysed it in thatContinue reading “Dear Star Wars: Here is Your Script”

Pictures worth thousands of words

I’m not a visual artist, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of influence I was allowed to have on my books covers (Odyssey Books has a top-notch cover game). It’s a good thing they go through a few drafts, too. Can you see what’s wrong with the first draft of SILVER AND STONE?Continue reading “Pictures worth thousands of words”

“Worst one I’ve played”: Reviewing the Reviewers

It’s finally happened: my first interactive (that is, Choose Your Own Adventure-ish) Australian steampunk novel is wandering unsupervised in the great big world, gathering reviews near and far (and scaring its mother half to death). My very first review was the hilarious comment “Worst one I’ve played”, accompanied by one star. I’m genuinely delighted by such aContinue reading ““Worst one I’ve played”: Reviewing the Reviewers”

The Four Scariest Picture Books

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are freaking scary. #4 “My Animals” by Xavier Denaux Looks nice, doesn’t it? The entire book is pictures of animals, done mainly in black and white (with a feature colour here or there) and clever little holes through the pages where the eye of oneContinue reading “The Four Scariest Picture Books”

That’s not a poo-splosion, THIS is a poo-splosion!

I rarely use exclamation marks. This one is, believe me, deserved. Time for a daily awesomeness that uses the OTHER meaning of “awesome”. Alternate title: The Bum-Gun. Picture the scene: It’s 5:00am and all is quiet except for a stirring infant and her mother; a woman light-headed and blurry from lack of sleep. It’s timeContinue reading “That’s not a poo-splosion, THIS is a poo-splosion!”

You know you’re a mum when. . .

-you find yourself washing dishes at 3am, because you “had a spare moment”. -ditto blogging. -ditto brushing your teeth. -when you lie down to sleep, a drill sergeant in your head says, “Sleep! Now! Hurry up! Stop wasting time and sleep! NOW!” -you can eat spaghetti one-handed. -you already have four different hairstyles that don’t require aContinue reading “You know you’re a mum when. . .”

Adorable Proof of Incompetent Parents

Before I start – I know there are three types of people reading this blog, so here are my messages for each of you: 1. Regular readers who are really not that interested in babies – never fear. In a week or two your normal schedule shall resume (in fact I’ll be posting the thirdContinue reading “Adorable Proof of Incompetent Parents”

Plot Device Film, and Ten Untranslatable Words

Here is a movie and an article that are sashaying around the writerly blogosphere at the moment. Yes, it’s a long film for youtube. But it’s way shorter than a movie, and just as good. Say hi to the zombies for me.   And this is an article by someone who has picked ten words thatContinue reading “Plot Device Film, and Ten Untranslatable Words”

Advice to Victorian Ladies

This is taken from a mid-book compilation by author Liza Picard, in Victorian London. Enjoy! Advice to Ladies: Most wind instruments are decidedly inelegant, they should be left to the gentlemen. Playing the violin-cello is of course out of the question, while the violin, while not so openly obscene, necessitates an awkward position of theContinue reading “Advice to Victorian Ladies”